TCS02 Solar Control

TCS02 Solar Control

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Powerhouse Industries presents: 


ALL Temperatures Displayed On Bright Blue LCD's 


Next generation hardware and software have been field tested to meet extremely stringent quality controls, guidelines and measures.

The TCS02 is manufactured right here in Australia and is based on our industry requirements to ensure that they work to the highest possible standard.

Backed by decades of industry experience we are constantly testing and trialing new prototypes in the “field” to further improve and develop new models and product lines.

The TCS02 offers many innovations not seen in other products on the market and is fully automated. A.I. type programming increases its efficiency and ensures the need for minimal manual intervention.

Features include:

  • Automated Test Pattern
  • Relay Protection
  • Pump Protection
  • Sensor Error Alert
  • Sample & Hold Temperature Display
  • Operating Modes: Auto, Manual and Standby Mode
  • Safety Lockouts
  • Permanent LCD Displays: Pool, Roof & Pool temperatures
  • Descriptive Text Screen provided all relevant status information in a clear easy to read displays without pushing a button.

Our TCS02 was based on the popular TCS01 be very user-friendly & informative.

With three integrated LCD displays, it's possible to accurately set the desired temperature to exactly the level you desire and then be informed as to how when and why the system is functioning via the descriptive text display.

Our Blue LCD displays are visible in direct sunlight and provide you with ALL Relevant information without pushing a button.

The TCS02 comes with a two year manufactures warranty against workmanship or defects. 

Powerhouse Industries are the sole distributor of the TCS02. Having first-hand experience in the design, development, and launch of this product you can purchase with confidence knowing in the unlikely event, you experience a problem we will be able to provide you with full support.